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My Fabulous Intern Christine Scarcello is back with another blog post about protein. Her post last week generated some questions about what type of protein suppplement is best. Below is her answer. Thanks Christine! If you’re health or fitness conscious, there’s a good chance you’ve tried a protein shake at least once…(Read More)

This week’s postwas written by my first dietetic intern – Christine  Scarcello. Thanks Christine! Protein is an important nutrient for our bodies, and as an athlete it is crucial to eat the right amount of protein. Too much or too little of this nutrient can be detrimental to performance gains. As an athlete, the majority…(Read More)

I met with a client the other day who was trying to lose some weight, improve his blood pressure, and cholesterol. As we were talking and he was telling me about what he normally eats, there was one food that seemed to appear a lot in his diet – nuts. He was eating almonds, almond…(Read More)

On Thursday, June 2, the USDA revealed a new tool to help Americans improve their eating. They Pyramid is out. The Plate is in. I was never a fan of the Pyramid.  It was confusing and, really, unusable. However, the Plate is something every person can use when eating. Overall, I’m happy with this…(Read More)

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