5 Phase Program

5-Phase Program

Have more energy, get rid of brain fog, help you achieve an appropriate weight, resolve digestive issues, and feel like yourself again.

I’ve designed my proprietary 5-Phase program by drawing information from multiple sources and working with clients. It isn’t a “cookie-cutter” protocol. I’ve found that each client is different. The basic phases are the same. The specifics are individualized to each to each person.


This phase gets you ready to start the program on the right foot. You'll complete your initial paperwork, we'll have our first session, and, together, we'll develop a plan that is tailored for you. You'll come out of the initial session with a set of achievable goals to accomplish to prepare for starting the program as well as take your first steps to start feeling like yourself again.


Begin the process by resetting your system. You'll start your new eating plan and targeted supplements. You'll try out the different stress and mood management tools to see which work for you. We'll work on improving your sleep, too. All of these are critical pieces to getting you back to feeling like yourself.


Focus on repairing and healing your gut, boosting immunity, supporting your body's natural detoxification process and balancing hormones. You'll start personalizing your eating plan, adding in targeted supplements for your thyroid and adrenal glands. You'll try more stress and mood management tools.


Focus on nourishing your thyroid and adrenals. You'll continue personalizing your eating plan and add in appropriate, targeted supplements (if needed). We'll keep working on managing stress and mood as well as improving your sleep. These all take time to understand and develop strategies to improve them.

Refine & Maintain

Refine your eating and supplements and set you up for long term maintenance. This isn't a plan that stops when you "graduate" the program. This is a plan you can follow for the rest of your life. We'll work on handling travel, holidays, and when life gets you off track. We'll develop strategies to get you back on track fast. . . .so you can feel like yourself in the long run.

This program is 6-months long. We meet twice a month for a total of 12 sessions.
I only have a handful of clients at any time. This allows me to have the time to research each client and
develop an individualized program. If you think this program may be right for you,
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