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Michelle May who wrote Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat has a great weekly newsletter. She starts last week’s newsletter with the question “How many rice cakes does it take to satisfy a craving for chocolate?” The answer. . . .”Five rice cakes. 7 baby carrots. 4 celery sticks. One orange. A container…(Read More)

Hunger Is Not Your Enemy


Everyone has to eat. Our bodies need fuel for our hearts to beat, our lungs to breathe, and even more when we are physically active. Athletes in particular have a hard time with hunger. Many times, I hear from people who do not want to eat. They are trying to lose or maintain their weight…(Read More)

Do You Love Food?


One of my favorite movies is Disney’s Ratatouille.  And, one of my favorite quotes is from the food critic, Anto Ego.  Ego is a very thin man – unusual for a food critic.  My favorite exchange of the movie comes when, Linguini, the up and coming chef, tells Ego, “. . .you’re thin for someone…(Read More)

As part of my work on eating mindfully, I’m learning to pay attention to my food.  This is coming along well except, it seems, for one area.  I have discovered that I eat when in motion.  And, when I eat when I’m in motion, I’m not paying attention to my food.  “Moving…(Read More)

While getting more in touch with my body’s hunger signals and working on mindful eating, I am realizing all the ways I use food other than to fuel my body.  I’m starting a series of emails called “Food Is Not. . . ”  This newsletter is Food Is Not . .  A Reward. I know…(Read More)

Mindful eating is an area where I continue to hone my skills both personally and professionally.  Recently, I have been reading Eat What You Love Love What You Eat by Michelle May, M.D.  In the first chapter she talks about being in charge, not in control.  At first glance, “in charge” and “in control…(Read More)

Three Little Words


Eating mindfully can be a great way to achieve and maintain your body’s best weight.  Notice I did not say “ideal” weight.  Your body’s best weight may be higher or lower than what is calculated or found on insurance weight charts.  Our bodies are finely tuned machines.  They need fuel to run.  The…(Read More)

What’s That You Say?


It may sound a bit nutty, but I think our food can speak to us while we eat it – if we listen.  A tomato in the dead of winter does not have much to say since it is out of season and being forced to be served when it is not meant to be. …(Read More)

I realized this week when eating lunch that I was literally shoveling in my food so I could get back to work. I was not tasting my food. I don’t even think I was really chewing more than a couple of times. I felt stressed and rushed. So much to do, so little time…(Read More)

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks. Thanks for all that we have – friends, family, health. Even thanks for the challenges we have faced since those challenges often make us appreciate what we have even more. We also give thanks for the food that we prepare, serve, and eat on Thanksgiving day. However, it…(Read More)

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