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On the Road Again. . . .


A couple of weeks ago I was in San Diego for the American Dietetic Association (ADA) conference. Traveling, and conferences in particular, have always presented an eating challenge for me. However, this year I was determined to watch what I ate. Part of the problem at the ADA conference is the expo hall. Dietitians deal…(Read More)

Many of my clients and friends struggle with the “I know what to do, I just don’t do it” syndrome. We know we should eat “better.”  However, when the waiter brings the dessert menu, or we are bored at home and head for the pantry, we just cannot seem to stop ourselves. I’ll…(Read More)

Seafood can be one of the best protein choices you can make.  They are typically low in fat, and those that are higher in fat such as salmon and tuna are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which have been shown to help reduce serum triglyceride levels, potentially reduce the risk of heart disease, and…(Read More)

Last blog post I talked about ways to get food locally through farmer’s markets and pick your own.  There is another way to be a Localtarian – to patronize restaurants that use local and seasonal ingredients.  There are some great restaurants in Houston that use local and seasonal restaurants – like t’afia by Monica Pope…(Read More)

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My goal is help you take control of your triggers so you can lead a normal life. I’ve had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for over 14 years. I’ve been told, “It’s all in your head.” And, “You just need to figure out what’s causing your symptoms” without being provided any help to figure it out. I’ve finally gotten my symptoms under control. I want to help you do the same thing. I want to help you get your life back.

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