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I had a client the other day who does her best to eat “perfectly” and get her husband to eat the same way. This is OK when she is at home, but can be hard when traveling. She has an upcoming trip to Singapore and she asked me, “How do I eat while I’m over there?” I told her, “Do the best you can.”

Really, that’s what our eating choices come down to – doing the best we can each time we eat. Are you going to have the cheeseburger with bacon and fries, or the grilled chicken sandwich with a salad or fruit on the side? Or, if you really want the fries, why not have the chicken sandwich rather than the cheeseburger? In my book, that’s a better choice than both the cheeseburger AND the fries.

A lot of people seem to think that everyone else is eating great and they are the only ones who can’t figure out how to eat “right” all the time. Honestly, most people struggle with eating right even just part of the time. Don’t beat yourself up about having a less than perfect eating pattern. Most people are in the same boat with you. Rather than focusing on eating right all the time, I’d suggest you focus on making the best choice each time you eat.  Because, just like any other goal, the small steps are the way you get there. If you want to lose weight, gain or maintain, the choices you make each time you eat are the small steps that will get you to your goal. You don’t have to eat “perfect” all the time – just do the best you can each time you eat.

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