Halloween Time!


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I can remember being a kid and thinking how slowly the days moved along.  It seemed like Christmas was f-o-r-e-v-e-r away.  Now, I’m experiencing what those adults would tell me – “You mean its already October?!?!  Where did the time go?”  Of course, from looking at the stores you would have thought it was October in early September with the appearance of the Halloween decorations and. . .the CANDY!  YIKES!!!

Actually, rather than a scary experience, Halloween can be a great time for you to practice for the other holidays that are right around the corner.  This is a time when you can prove to yourself that you can pass by the candy without eating it, or only have a piece or two, rather than the whole bowl or bag.  I’m not saying Halloween candy is “bad” – I don’t like to assign labels to foods.  I’m saying that it is one of those things you can include in moderation in your diet.  However, managing that “moderation” part is the trick.

Here’s some tips for dealing with the candy:

  • If you’re buying candy for trick-or-treaters, don’t buy it until right before the 31st.  If it is not in the house, you can’t eat it.
  • Buy candy you don’t like.  If you don’t like it, there is less of a chance you’ll eat it.
  • Hide the candy out of sight.  If you don’t see it, you’ll be less likely to eat it.  Also, put it in a place you don’t normally go (the laundry room or a guest bedroom closet for example).
  • Don’t open the bags.  A sealed bag is much less tempting than an open bag.
  • Tell yourself “That candy is for the kids, not for me.  I’m not going to eat it.” each time you are tempted.
  • If you’re really tempted, think about how you’d feel after eating it.  Often, when we eat something we think we shouldn’t we experience feelings of guilt, etc.  Thinking about the consequences before having the candy can help avoid eating it in the first place.
  • If you really, really, really want a piece or two, take only what you are going to eat out of the bag, put the bag back up and go sit down while you eat it.  Don’t do anything else while you’re eating it, but focus on the taste and feel of the treat in your mouth.  If you really focus on and enjoy the experience, a piece or two may satisfy you.  And, if you’ve put the bag up, you have to make the decision to go back for more.
  • If you do have a splurge and eat more than you intended, think about why and what you’d change to avoid doing it again in the future.  Then, get back on track with your healthy eating.

Managing the temptations of Halloween candy proves to yourself that you can do it.  This will make managing the temptations to come in the next couple of months with Thanksgiving, and other holiday parties easier.

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