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Have you ever tried to cut foods out of your diet to feel better only to not feel any different? Or, only a little better? Or worse? A lot of people I talk to cut out gluten thinking that’s what’s causing the problems. And, they feel a little better. Or, they cut out dairy and get the same results.

Using an untargeted elimination diet is like using a shotgun to hit something tiny, say, a fly. You scatter your attempts over a large area and you might find the food or foods that are causing your symptoms. Or, probably not. If you were trying to shoot something small, like a fly, wouldn’t it be better to use something that you could aim at that small target? Like a laser?

Although there isn’t a gold standard for food sensitivity testing, I’ve started using Mediator Release Testing (MRT) in my practice. MRT looks at the mediators, or chemical messengers, your immune cells give off when exposed to food and chemicals. The test looks at 120 foods and 30 chemicals. These mediators then cause you not to feel good – headaches, migraines, fatigue, brain fog, or digestive issues just to name a few of the issues they can cause.

One of the reasons I like MRT is that the test quantifies the response of your immune cells to foods and chemicals. We can then develop an elimination diet based on how your immune system responds to the tested foods and chemicals. We start with the foods that have the smallest reaction. You eat those foods for a couple of weeks, until you start to feel better. Most people begin to feel better within a few days to a couple of weeks.

After you feel better, we add foods back in to your diet and start adding in untested foods. Before you know it, you feel better, know what foods to eat to keep you feeling that way, and know what foods cause you to feel worse.

So, what would you rather use – a shotgun or a laser – to shoot something small? I’d rather use a laser. And, with MRT I have a laser in my toolbox to help you feel better. If you want to know more, just click here to get started.

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