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professional writing for  weight-inclusive dietitians

having a Private practice

and helping your clients is your  goal!


you started your private practice to help your clients live healthier lives,

have a schedule that works with your life, and be paid what you’re worth.


that’s why you started a private practice.

what you didn’t realize is that there’s a lot of writing and content creation your practice needs.

You feel like you don’t have time to stay on top of seeing clients and keeping the business going, much less marketing, blogging, and sending out newsletters.

You don’t like to write. Every time you start you feel like you’re back in an English comp class. You have flashbacks of your papers being returned looking like they were stabbed to death.

Even though you try not to be a perfectionist, you feel like your writing has to be perfect. Maybe it comes from that rotation in you internship when your preceptor constantly rewrote your chart notes.

You spent all this time and money on your website and people still aren’t making appointments. You thought once it was up, the calls would start rolling in.

You know SEO is important. But, it’s just one more thing to learn and keep on top of. You’d rather focus on learning more to serve your clients better rather than spending time learning and implementing SEO.



I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and also have a PhD in Kinesiology. I’m also a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and HASE-aligned dietitian.

I had a virtual private practice until I decided to start focusing on writing.

In my private practice it was hard to stay on top of all the writing and content creation that everyone says you “should do.” I never felt like there were enough hours in the day to do it all – especially the writing even though writing is something I enjoy.

Because I’m no longer serving clients in my private practice, I can take over your writing tasks so that you can get your ideas out consistently without having to spend hours writing.

Imagine never having to write another blog, newsletter, or sales email again. When we work together you’ll never have to worry about having you writing content for your practice again (unless you want to).

That writing perfectionism voice in your head can shut up and go somewhere else. You’ve got a writing professional in your corner when we work together.

 I can make recommendations to ensure that your website is found when your ideal client Googles what you do so that you’ll start getting those inquiry calls and clients.

My SEO training means that you don’t need to learn anything about it you don’t want to. The copy on your website and blogs will be SEO-optimized so you and your messages will be found by your ideal clients. 

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During the call we’ll talk about the first steps which is usually a test project to be sure we’re a fit. We’ll decide the project and timeline so you get writing off your plate.

Services & pricing


Build Trust and Get Found 

You’re getting out there, but your ideal clients aren’t finding you. What’s the deal? Although a lot of “gurus” like to claim that blogs are dead, in reality, blogs are still a critical part of establishing an online presence and getting found by Google. Having blogs on your website help it get found, shows off your expertise, and gives an opportunity for your ideal clients to get to know you.

It isn’t just the blogs though. It’s all about consistent blogs. That means a minimum of two blogs a month. Four blogs a month makes Google even happier.

 I can hear that groan, “4 blogs? When am I going to write four blogs?”

 That’s where I can help. I’ll start by conducting an SEO audit of your website. This will let you know things that can be fixed to improve your ranking and provide ideas for blog topics. Next,  we’ll work together to establish a blogging strategy and choose topics. Then, I’ll write professional, evidence-based blogs that you can publish on your website on a weekly schedule. It’s the blogging “Easy” button!

What’s included?

  • One-time SEO audit to help set a content plan
  • 4 blog posts per month
  • 4 newsletter blurbs (1 with each blog post)

Pricing: $1400/month

How it works:

  • Set up a call
  • We’ll talk and decide if we’re a fit
  • If so, you’ll sign the contract and proposal, pay the initial payment and I’ll get started on your website’s SEO audit so we can set your blog strategy 

You’re an expert, but people aren’t finding you. The Build Trust and Get Found bundle:

  • Gets your expertise in front of your ideal clients
  • Shows them you’re their go-to expert
  • Improves your rankings on Google

This package will give you everything you need so that your ideal clients start finding you, showing them your expertise, getting them to want to work with you, and making that appointment.

other projects – Based on the project

Your website is your potential client’s first interaction with you. If your website copy isn’t getting people to make appointments or sign up for your lead magnet, then a revision of your website can help. Your revised, SEO-optimized website copy will get more clients making appointments, downloading your lead magnet, and ranking higher on Google when people search for what you do. 


ask about bundles and retainers for a longer term relationship