Halloween Candy Can Do Some Good


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Since Halloween is fast approaching, I thought I’d re-send a previous email about how to deal with Halloween candy with a few modifications.  Enjoy!

The Halloween candy is appearing everywhere you look!  YIKES!  I find it hard to stay out of the candy jars and bags, so I’ve learned not to even have it in the house.  Or, if it is in the house, the bags stay closed until Halloween night and the kids come knocking. Another trick is to buy candy you do not like so you will be less tempted to eat it.

But, what do you do after all the ghosts and goblins are gone and you are left with a bucket-full of Halloween candy?  Eat it?  Probably not the best option.  Take it to work for others to eat?  An option, but again not a great one.  How about donating it?  There is a charity called Boatsie’s Boxes that collects and sends items to the troops.  Some of the items listed on their Items Needed page include snacks (healthy or otherwise), cookies, crackers, gummy candy, chocolate – any kind, pringles, munch & crunch, polar ice gum, tootsie pops, cashews and all nuts, chocolate buddy bars (chocolate can be sent October through April).  If you have not purchased your Halloween candy yet, keep these items in mind.  Either way, what is left over can be sent to Boatsie’s Boxes an on to the troops!  Here is a link to the shipping information.  Another option is to call your local homeless shelter and see if they will take candy donations.  You could even arrange for everyone (or a group) in your office to bring in their leftover candy and make a group donation.

What a great way to help out those serving our country or who are less fortunate, and make use of that extra candy.  See, Halloween candy can do some good!

I have to thank my fellow RD’s on the Nutrition Entrepreneurs listserv for posting about Boatsie’s Boxes.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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