From Dr. Penny


I started working with Penny in May 2016. At that time, I was having a hard time recovering from my workouts in a timely fashion, suffering muscle soreness and exhaustion up to 4 days after the workout. Penny and I discussed my workout routine, my lifestyle, my food choices (pizza, dark chocolate, single malt scotch, and anything fried are my four food groups), and we devised a way for me to consume some of the foods I enjoy, but to increase my intake of proteins and fats, as well as to increase my calories to make up for my exercise level. It took about 3 to 4 months for my new eating habits to demonstrate measurable results, and it I do feel better. After the initial success, we have began working on other food related health issues. It has been more than 2 years now, and we speak every 5 to 6 weeks. My health has improved. My hemoglobin A1c has improved, and my recoveries from my workouts have also improved. I plan on working with her for longer.

~ Gary, St. Louis

 I was training for my first half Ironman distance triathlon and realized I needed help with my every day nutrition as well as what I’d be using during the race. On the recommendation from my coach, I got in touch with Penny and we began working together. Penny helped me tweak my daily nutrition and worked with me to get my race nutrition dialed in. Specifically, she guided me through what nutrition to use as my training and racing distances ramped up, and gave detailed and practical feedback when things worked or didn’t. After I finished the half Ironman, I decided to sign up for a full Ironman and again worked with Penny on my training and racing nutrition. I finished the race strong on a difficult day and knew my nutrition and hydration was a big piece of that. I enjoyed working with Penny because she listened to my feedback and concerns and used a very personalized approach. She continues to be my “go to” person for help with nutrition. I’d recommend talking with Penny if you’re looking for someone who knows her stuff, adapts recommendations to each person, and is passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

~ Jessica K, Denver, CO

 I am Puerto Rican Taekwondo National Team member and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Hopeful. Competing in the sport of taekwondo requires having to make weight to compete at a certain weight category. I reached out to Dr. Wilson back in 2013 while I was recovering from 3 ACL surgeries and preparing myself to return to my sport early in 2014. As I was recovering from my injuries I had gained weight and needed to lose my weight safe and healthy while I was still recovering, so that I would be able to return to my sport safe and strong. We went over my goals and together and made weekly goals, monthly goals, and long term goals, so that I would be able to maintain my weight and stay healthy for my sport long term. She gave me all the answers, all I had to do was put in the work. Throughout the process of working with Dr. Wilson I gained so much confidence in myself. Having a professional on my side such as Dr. Wilson made so much of a difference as opposed to trying to reach my goal on my own. I know from experience trying to reach my diet and health goals on my own is so difficult because I am less motivated, I question myself if I’m really going the right direction, if I’m doing it right, how should I execute my goal, and etc. By having Dr. Wilson by my side to guide me throughout my diet process, it gave me the confidence that I was doing things right, safe, on the right track to success, and it gave me the motivation I needed. Not only did Dr. Wilson give me confidence that I could achieve my diet goals, but she also gave me the confidence that I could compete at my very best possible. Returning to sport in 2014, I was able to make my weight for competition with ease, stress free, and feeling strong as ever! We all fall off the path sometimes and when I do I know who to call. I’ve reached out to Dr. Wilson several times after our initial visit together back in 2013 and every time she has helped me get back on track and has helped me reach my goals. I would recommend Dr. Wilson to anyone who has a diet or health goal that they want to achieve. With self-discipline, dedication, and the knowledge and guidance by Dr. Wilson, you will be sure to achieve your goals!

~ Victoria Stambaugh

I consulted Dr. Penny because of a chronic GI condition called Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction which had also led to pancreatic scarring. I was concerned about managing the pain, weight loss, and nutritional deficiencies that came along with this problem. There is no real cure and medical treatment is limited to surgical procedures, which I did not want. Penny listened compassionately to my health history and quickly made recommendations that helped me get to my current state of much better health. She recommended behavioral changes like keeping a detailed food diary and paying close attention to how I felt after eating and drinking. This helped me understand my triggers. Penny also recommended specific dietary changes and nutritional supplements to calm down my GI system, improve my digestion, and help me gain some weight. Throughout the process Penny was very supportive and helped me achieve a positive attitude about living with this condition. I am extremely grateful for all her support and would highly recommend her to others seeking help for GI issues.

~ Robin, Vail Valley, CO

 When considering what to include on your list for improved health in the coming year, I want to recommend you put Penny Wilson’s program for gut health at the top of your list. Our bodies need fuel to operate at peak performance but often times we run into obstacles such as foods we can no longer digest or that cause other systemic issues such as IBS (or other gastrointestinal problems).

Let me digress for a moment and relate my personal story. I’m a 58 year old female in good shape and living an active mountain lifestyle. I’ve been eating healthier as I age but many of the foods were having adverse effects such as extreme bloating, gas, cramps and abnormal stools. Yes, healthy foods can cause some gas and bloating, but the type I’m referring to would land me in bed with a heating pad or in a hot bath to try to alleviate the pain. In addition, this pain would develop daily around mid afternoon, making it hard to eat dinner or socialize at night.
Once I began working with Penny, I learned my food triggers and have been pain free for months. Penny helped me conduct a food elimination trial to rid my system of potential food offenders and then began a reintroduction to determine which foods to eliminate entirely and which foods to eat in smaller amounts. I found her program easy to follow, her guidance invaluable and her personal support throughout a testament that she truly cared about my welfare and success with the program.

Again, I cannot express how much this program has changed my life. I feel great and am able to live my life freely by making moderate dietary changes.
So, whether you are struggling with food sensitivities or want to improve your body’s performance, Penny will put you on the right track to achieve maximum results.

~ Leslie D.