A Gentle Approach for Stressful Times

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Understanding and Overcoming Emotional Eating Webinar

Do you find yourself heading to the refrigerator or pantry  because you’re stressed, angry, afraid, bored, or just need something?

Do you just want to grab a gallon of ice cream and a spoon and veg out on the couch binging on Netflix (and worry about the aftermath later)?

Do you want to just jump on the next fad diet when this is all over, whenever it is over? And, maybe invest your 401(k) in ice cream stocks so you’ll be a post-pandemic billionaire?

What would it be like to:

Have a simple, 3-step process to help you to overcome “emotional eating”?

Understand what’s really behind “emotional eating”?

Start dealing with the emotion that is behind the “emotional eating” (and, yes, you can still choose to eat – the key is to make the choice)?

Get all this in an information and tool packed 30-minute webinar?

You can keep doing what you’ve been doing and feeling like you have no control over your eating.
Or, you make a change.
You can understand what’s going on and learn a quick 3-step process to help you stop eating when you’re not hungry.

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