Supercharge Your Blogging Success with a Blog Outline Template

Feb 9, 2024 | Blogging, Copywriting

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“The hardest thing about writing, for me, is facing the blank page.” – Octavia Spencer

Sound familiar? 

If having a blank page with the blinking cursor staring at you keeps you from blogging you’re not alone. It’s a common problem for all writers. 

That’s why one of my blogging secrets is to not start with a blank page. I start with a blog outline template.

Using a template has made my blogging faster and easier. And, it will make your blogging faster and easier, too.

In this post, you’ll learn all about the hows and whys of using a standard template for your blogging. Let’s start with the basics.

What Is a Blog Outline Template?

An outline template provides a standard format for your blogs. Although it’s one of my secrets for blogging, it’s simple.

If you look at my blogs, you’ll see that they start with an intro, then have three to five points, a conclusion and, finally, a call to action (CTA).

That’s my template.

When I start to write a new blog, I open up the template and start filling it out. No more starting with a blank page because there are words already there.

Not facing the blank page is one reason to use a template. There are others to consider, too.

Why Use a Blog Outline Template?

There are three main reasons to use a template:

1. No More Blank Pages

I talked about this in the last section. Those blank pages can stand in your way of getting started.

All writers face this problem. Have you heard stories about fiction writers who end their writing day mid-sentence? That way, when they come back the next writing session, they have a starting point. It also gives their mind something to think about between writing sessions.

Your template is like stopping mid-sentence because it gives your mind something to think about when you start writing and even before you start writing.

2. Subconscious Blogging

When you’ve got a standard template you use, when a blog topic comes to mind, your mind will automatically start working on filling the template in. 

You’ll catch yourself thinking about how to do the intro. Or, what points you should include. This is one of those things where when you’re in the shower, you’ll get an idea and not be able to write it down because you’ve got soap all over your hands and in your eyes.

When your mind is working on your blog when you’re doing other things, it also speeds up your writing because when you sit down to write, you’ve got some words ready to go.

3. Be Speedy

Using a template makes your writing faster. 

Having words already on the page means you start writing faster.

When your subconscious has been working on the topic and you sit down to write, you write faster.

Writing faster means your writing is also easier. The words seem to flow out of your hands and onto the page.

Now that you see how having a template makes blogging faster and easier, you’re probably wondering what a template looks like.

Blog Outline Template Example

A lot of bloggers go back to what they learned in school (this is the basic template I use).

  • Introduction
  • Point/Question 1
  • Point/Question 2
  • Point/Question 3
  • Conclusion
  • CTA

You can have more points if your topic needs it, but I wouldn’t go for less than three. Most blog posts that rank well are between 1,000 and 1,500 words. Having these six sections helps you get to that word count.

The key is to find a template that works for you.

How to Create Your Blog Outline Template

Your blog outline template doesn’t have to be perfect the first time (just like the first time you write something it shouldn’t be perfect). It’s your template. No one else has to see it. 

So, play with it and make it your own!

You can start with the one above and change it to suit your needs. Maybe you always have five points. Or, you don’t like to use questions. That’s great! Customize it for your writing.

And, if at some point it isn’t working, change it! 

Now It’s Your Turn!

It’s time for you to create your template for your next blog. If you do, that’s the last piece of blank paper you’ll look at when blogging. 

You’ll be amazed how your mind starts working on your blog topics, and when you sit down to write you’ll have words flowing out your fingers and onto the page.

If you want help with your blogging, then set up a call with me. I can help you in a variety of ways including editing to help you ensure your blogging gets found and read. I can even help you create your blog outline template. Sounds like fun to me!

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