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Easy Make-Ahead Breakfast


Around the holidays, we all need easy food to have in the house. With people visiting, an abundance of activities, the last thing we need is to worry about cooking. One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is have a breakfast ready to go that all I have to do is put…(Read More)

Breakfast the morning of a race can be a challenge. Nerves are going. Stomach is queasy. You are checking all of your gear for what seems like (and may be) the millionth time. And, I’m saying you need to eat some breakfast, too. Yup, breakfast. Breakfast the morning of the race is important to…(Read More)

Food companies are always trying to get us to think their food is good for us, which can encourage us to eat more. A friend sent me a link a couple of weeks ago to a story that Frito-Lay is going to start making half of their foods using natural ingredients.  Over the holidays…(Read More)

Easy Holiday Breakfast


I have family in town for graduation and needed a good, easy breakfast. I decided to make this. Then, when I sat down to do this week’s newsletter I remembered I had sent this email last November. I hope you enjoy this recipe over the holidays. Easy Holiday Breakfast Holiday mornings can be crazy…(Read More)

“Never work before breakfast. If you have to work before breakfast, get your breakfast first.” ~ Josh Billings Did your mother ever tell you “breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Well, she was right. Breakfast is literally breaking the fast your body has been in while you slept. Your body needs fuel…(Read More)

Easy Holiday Breakfast


Things got a little crazy at the end of last week, so I didn’t get the newsletter out. Instead, I thought I would combine last week’s and this week’s newsletters. Holiday mornings can be crazy busy with extra people in the house, extra cooking, and extra stress. Breakfast can often set the…(Read More)

I have a hard time getting in all the veggies I should each day.  I’m always looking for ways to get vegetables other than potatoes.  When I eat out, I’m always amazed at the lack of vegetables that are not potatoes.  In one of the books I’m reading, the author suggested having…(Read More)

Muffin Madness!


There is just something about having a muffin for breakfast.  They are warm, soft, chewy, sweet. . . YUM!  And, muffins are quick to grab and portable.  However, that muffin can pack a calorie punch.  I recently found a recipe for a Banana Muffins that are only 130 calories per muffin.  Add some yogurt or…(Read More)

“What do you mean ‘backload my calories?'” I hear you asking.  Backloading calories is when you consume most of your calories at the end of the day.  Calorie backloading can happen for a number of reasons including dieting or just a lack of time to eat in the morning.  Often, when people are trying to…(Read More)

WOW! I got more responses about last week’s newsletter about Breakfast Bread Pudding than any other newsletter to date.  And, I’m still getting emails saying how much people like it and suggesting customizations.  This got me thinking about ways to customize the Breakfast Bread Pudding and Breakfast Cookie recipes.  Customize?  You bet!  Most…(Read More)

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