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This time of year the pressure is on to find some amazing gift or other for the person or people who have everything. Finding gifts for these types of people is frustrating and causes a lot of stress. I’ve gotten away from giving food gifts unless I *know* it is something he or she…(Read More)

Easy Make-Ahead Breakfast


Around the holidays, we all need easy food to have in the house. With people visiting, an abundance of activities, the last thing we need is to worry about cooking. One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is have a breakfast ready to go that all I have to do is put…(Read More)

Last week, I talked about how the period from the beginning of October through New Year’s is a calorie and weight “Danger Zone.” This is also true for endurance and ultra-endurance athletes. Triathletes have finished their training and racing and are entering the off-season. They are ready to unwind and enjoy some…(Read More)

This post was originally published in 2009. However, I think it is worth repeating. . . with a few minor changes. October, November, and December are what I call The Danger Zone time of the year. Within these three months we encounter all sorts of eating challenges. October is the time of CANDY! Candy seems…(Read More)

Relish the Day!


In this crazy busy season, it is important to take time to enjoy – no relish – each day. I can hear you saying “Enjoy! Relish! You are crazy! Too many things to do. Too much shopping, cooking, wrapping! I’m busy trying to keep all my relatives and kids from fighting! Enjoy the day?!?!??” Yes,…(Read More)

I cannot believe it is already September. Although I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures of fall, it seems like beginning in October, the rest of the year is like that first downhill of a roller coaster ride. It goes fast. And, if you are not ready for it, it can be terrifying. I…(Read More)

The Best-est Gift Ever!


Do you ever go gift shopping and come home with gifts for yourself? I think that happens to all of us. A few years ago I started a Christmas tradition that has turned into the “best-est gift ever!” Every Christmas morning, I give myself the gift of a workout. This can be a run…(Read More)

Holiday Party Hints


Is it just me or does the holiday season seem to be filled with land mines to keeping my nutrition on track?  There are cookie exchange parties, friends’ parties, work parties, etc.  There just seems to be food and drink everywhere I turn.  Does this happen to you, too?  I’ve decided to share a…(Read More)

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks. Thanks for all that we have – friends, family, health. Even thanks for the challenges we have faced since those challenges often make us appreciate what we have even more. We also give thanks for the food that we prepare, serve, and eat on Thanksgiving day. However, it…(Read More)

I love to bake pies.  I used to be afraid of pie crust until I took a class at Central Market and learned how to make pie crust.  I like to make the crust with my hands – feeling the butter work into the flour until it is just right.  I like how the crust…(Read More)

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