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Recently I was talking with a client about eating slowly. I took him through some ways to slow down eating. He said, “people would tell me to slow down, but no one would tell me how.”  If you find that you eat quickly, here are some steps to help you slow down eating, enjoy your…(Read More)

On the Road Again. . . .


A couple of weeks ago I was in San Diego for the American Dietetic Association (ADA) conference. Traveling, and conferences in particular, have always presented an eating challenge for me. However, this year I was determined to watch what I ate. Part of the problem at the ADA conference is the expo hall. Dietitians deal…(Read More)

Does it seem like just when you get your good habits rolling and into a routine, something happens and the bottom falls out? Everything goes off track. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago when my father was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital. We went in for a normal doctor appointment that resulted…(Read More)

Perhaps you have seen the latest Coca-Cola ad campaign “Open Happiness.” The billboard that caught my eye had a kid drinking a Coca-Cola with a baseball bat over his shoulder. I thought, “That’s cute.” Then, “Really? A Coke is going to make me happy?” I can think of a lot of other…(Read More)

Many of my clients and friends struggle with the “I know what to do, I just don’t do it” syndrome. We know we should eat “better.”  However, when the waiter brings the dessert menu, or we are bored at home and head for the pantry, we just cannot seem to stop ourselves. I’ll…(Read More)

One of the only TV shows I keep up with is “The Biggest Loser.” I do not agree with everything, but am also inspired by how the contestants transform not only physically, but mentally. In an episode a couple of weeks ago, the contestants went home for two weeks. When they returned to the ranch…(Read More)

A new program has started in Houston sponsored by the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association – Houston DINEs. One of the main goals of Houston DINEs to get get calorie information at the point of purchase in restaurants. This type of information is going to be required soon for restaurants with 20+…(Read More)

Do You Love Food?


One of my favorite movies is Disney’s Ratatouille.  And, one of my favorite quotes is from the food critic, Anto Ego.  Ego is a very thin man – unusual for a food critic.  My favorite exchange of the movie comes when, Linguini, the up and coming chef, tells Ego, “. . .you’re thin for someone…(Read More)

What’s That You Say?


It may sound a bit nutty, but I think our food can speak to us while we eat it – if we listen.  A tomato in the dead of winter does not have much to say since it is out of season and being forced to be served when it is not meant to be. …(Read More)

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