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Your body is like a high-performance sports car. It needs high test fuel to run it’s best. Put in low test fuel and your body, like a high-performance car running low test fuel, won’t run well. High sugar foods are not high test fuel for your body (OK, there are a…(Read More)

Recently, several clients have asked about how to tell if a food is high sugar. They always seem to ask about fruit – “isn’t fruit high in sugar?” In my practice, I draw the line between two kinds of sugar – naturally occurring in the food, and added. I’m OK with naturally occurring sugar. If…(Read More)

This is a reprint of a post from February, 2012. Well worth repeating. . . . . It is that time of year again – Girl Scout Cookie Time! Who doesn’t love Girl Scout Cookies? I think everyone has his or her own favorite. And, the Girl Scouts are just so cute in their uniforms…(Read More)

This time of year the pressure is on to find some amazing gift or other for the person or people who have everything. Finding gifts for these types of people is frustrating and causes a lot of stress. I’ve gotten away from giving food gifts unless I *know* it is something he or she…(Read More)

Fat Needs for Athletes


Last week we covered protein needs for athletes. This week we will look at fat needs for athletes. Fat is often misunderstood by athletes and those trying to lose weight. They think that they need to minimize fat in order to “lean out” or lose weight. However, our bodies need some fat to help absorb…(Read More)

One of the great things about interns is that they give me tips on new products I have not seen yet. Honestly, there are so many new products available at grocery stores, it is impossible to keep up with them. One of my interns told me about Emerald’s Cocoa Roast Almonds. They are roasted…(Read More)

Last week, I talked about how the period from the beginning of October through New Year’s is a calorie and weight “Danger Zone.” This is also true for endurance and ultra-endurance athletes. Triathletes have finished their training and racing and are entering the off-season. They are ready to unwind and enjoy some…(Read More)

This post was originally published in 2009. However, I think it is worth repeating. . . with a few minor changes. October, November, and December are what I call The Danger Zone time of the year. Within these three months we encounter all sorts of eating challenges. October is the time of CANDY! Candy seems…(Read More)

I was working with a new client the other day who brought in a food log he had been keeping. As we reviewed it, I becamed alarmed at his sodium intake. It was sky high – between 3,000 and 4,000 mg per day! The current recommendation is 1,500 mg per day (however, athletes…(Read More)

I met with a client the other day who was trying to lose some weight, improve his blood pressure, and cholesterol. As we were talking and he was telling me about what he normally eats, there was one food that seemed to appear a lot in his diet – nuts. He was eating almonds, almond…(Read More)

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