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I originally published this post in 2009. I think it is worth repeating (with a few changes) because from October through December is a challenging time of year for most of us. John, my hubby, and I were in Disney Land a couple of years ago. We rode a roller coaster called California Screamin’. It…(Read More)

“I’ve tried everything and the weight just won’t come off! What’s wrong with me?” a new client said as we talked about her struggle to lose weight. She gained some weight after an accident and, now that she’s healed and working out again is ready to have that extra weight gone…(Read More)

The link between sleep, weight, recovery, and many of the other functions of our bodies is becoming more clear each day. Personally, I’ve found if I don’t get a good quality 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night, I just don’t function as well the next day. I got a FitBit One…(Read More)

Recently I was talking with a client about eating slowly. I took him through some ways to slow down eating. He said, “people would tell me to slow down, but no one would tell me how.”  If you find that you eat quickly, here are some steps to help you slow down eating, enjoy your…(Read More)

Sports are soooo body conscious these days. Let’s face it – the tiny shorts (or not so tiny) runners wear and the spandex triathletes wear (among other athletes) are not very forgiving. Honestly, most people don’t look good in wetsuits – even a lot of the pros. Most athletes have body composition goals or a…(Read More)

I’m a fan of Marie Forleo and look forward to her video blog each week. This week’s post was a re-broadcast of an interview she did with Steven Pressfield. I hadn’t seen the episode before, and now plan on reading his book “Turning Pro”. Steven promotes a concept of “turning pro…(Read More)

Doing the Best You Can


I had a client the other day who does her best to eat “perfectly” and get her husband to eat the same way. This is OK when she is at home, but can be hard when traveling. She has an upcoming trip to Singapore and she asked me, “How do I eat while I’m…(Read More)

This post is a reprint with some changes of a prior post.  I’m re-posting this with some changes because there is an epidemic going on. The epidemic is athletes thinking they need to eat 1200 calories/day to lose weight. Athletes are different from Sam and Sally Couch-Sitters. Sam and Sally Couch…(Read More)

Recently, several clients have asked about how to tell if a food is high sugar. They always seem to ask about fruit – “isn’t fruit high in sugar?” In my practice, I draw the line between two kinds of sugar – naturally occurring in the food, and added. I’m OK with naturally occurring sugar. If…(Read More)

Don’t Get Lost in the Food


Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks. Thanks for all that we have – friends, family, health. Even thanks for the challenges we have faced since those challenges often make us appreciate what we have even more. We also give thanks for the food that we prepare, serve, and eat on Thanksgiving day. However, it…(Read More)

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My goal is help you take control of your triggers so you can lead a normal life. I’ve had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for over 14 years. I’ve been told, “It’s all in your head.” And, “You just need to figure out what’s causing your symptoms” without being provided any help to figure it out. I’ve finally gotten my symptoms under control. I want to help you do the same thing. I want to help you get your life back.

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