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By: Jessica Waclawski, Kara Wickman, and Penny Wilson I know it’s “only” October. I know you may not be ready to face the Holidays. But. . . By starting to think about them now, you can start getting ready to have the Holidays you want. . . .To focus on family, friends, food, and fitness.…(Read More)

What causes digestive issues? Food? Emotions? Stress? Drinks? When working with people who are having GI issues – anything from constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas,  – using a protocol based on the “5 R’s of Gut Restoration” helps get the issues resolved.  The 5 R’s provide a protocol, an approach, to figuring out what’s causing…(Read More)

  The more I learn about the GI tract, the more I see how it is the center of our health and healing. This is the second post in series about the GI tract, it’s parts, how it works, what can go wrong, and how to keep it healthy. In last week’s blog…(Read More)

We talk about brain health, heart health, keeping our muscles strong. But, we don’t talk about gut health. Much. I mean, some of us do. But, most people don’t. Yeah, I get it it. Talking about gut health and digestive issues isn’t really “fun”. You especially don’t want to talk to…(Read More)

Careful with Causation


The media got an early Christmas present this week when the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) issued a monograph stating that red and processed meats cause cancer. Woo Hoo! Time to unleash the media feeding frenzy! Unfortunately, the full monograph won’t be available until later. What is available…(Read More)

A couple of weeks ago the FDA sent a warning letter to KIND, the maker of KIND bars, saying that several KIND bars did not meet the requirements of having the word “healthy” on their labels. The FDA has very specific requirements for companies that want to use the word “healthy” on food labels. For…(Read More)

A while back, one of the breakfast-oriented chains ran ads claiming, “Breakfast! It’s what’s for dinner!” They were encouraging people to come into their restaurants and order breakfast items for dinner. If it’s OK to have breakfast for dinner, then it’s also OK to have dinner for breakfast. And, I…(Read More)

  Turn off the lights and get comfortable. I want to share a meal with you . . . I was in Fort Lauderdale, FL for a meeting a couple of months ago. Two friends and I went to dinner at a restaurant called Market 17. On the menu they explained that they have a…(Read More)

Pfood: manufactured or highly processed foods or foods that contain a lot manufactured or chemical ingredients. After all of the controversy with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Kraft Singles, I thought I’d look deeper into Kraft Singles – are they food or pfood? I started by trying to find a list of ingredients…(Read More)

MMMmmmmm. . . Popcorn!


When you start thinking about going to a movie, do you immediately start craving popcorn? Or,  your favorite movie food? I started thinking about this when I was out to dinner with some friends on the coast in Florida someone mentioned that the smell of the ocean made the crave fried food.  Honestly, that’s…(Read More)

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My goal is help you take control of your triggers so you can lead a normal life. I’ve had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for over 14 years. I’ve been told, “It’s all in your head.” And, “You just need to figure out what’s causing your symptoms” without being provided any help to figure it out. I’ve finally gotten my symptoms under control. I want to help you do the same thing. I want to help you get your life back.

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