Time to give up dieting. Time for something new.

May 1, 2019 | Articles, Dieting, Sleep, Stress, Uncategorized

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If you’re ready to give up dieting and killer workouts, and want something different, then here’s how to start shifting into a partnership with your body.

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Do you feel like you fight your body every day? Every minute?

Do you hate your body? The way it looks? The way it feels? Because it needs so much sleep? So much food? So much attention?

What if you no longer fought your body?

What if you gave up dieting? Gave up working out hard multiple times a week?

What if you realized that your body needs love? Nourishment? Kindness?

What if your body and your mind/spirit/soul became intimate partners?

What would that be like?

How does thinking about  that make you feel?

For so long, we’ve thought about beating our bodies into submission. Dieting. Starving them. Working them out – hard. Not giving them the sleep that they need. Not giving them the quality foods that they need to be healthy.  Putting things in them that don’t serve them.

The Ideal Body isn’t a Real Body

We’ve done all of this (and, yes, I say “we” because I’ve done it, too) because we’re trying to reach an “Ideal”. It’s like we’ve been putting our bodies through special forces training so they can meet some “ideal”. There is no “ideal”. The “ideal” isn’t real.

We’ve followed the latest fad and celebrity diets only to find out that they don’t work for us. When they seem to work for everyone else.

If you look to the media for your “ideal” body, those images aren’t real. They’ve been touched up so much that even the models say they don’t look like the person in the ads

Even people that you see walking around. Or, posts on social media. If they look perfect, that isn’t real. That image of that person being “ideal” that you’ve formed in your mind isn’t real. Because you don’t know what is really going on with that person. That “ideal” image is one that they’ve orchestrated. Everyone has messes – both externally and internally. Those messes don’t show in that “ideal” they present on social media.

And, why do we even care what other people say is “ideal”? What is “ideal” for one person may be just the opposite for someone else. Honestly, that’s fun. That we’re all unique.

What’s the point of all of this?

I’m on a mission for us to start realizing that  in order to be our best, our minds/spirits/souls and our bodies have to have an intimate partnership. We can’t continue beat our bodies into submission and achieve great things. It just doesn’t work that way.

Our mind/spirit/soul and our bodies have to work together, in a partnership, for you to achieve your highest and biggest dreams.

There’s a lot of potential there. For you. For your body.

What would this be like for you? To be in partnership with your body instead of at war with it? To have a relationship and love and kindness with your body?

An Alternative Relationship with Your Body – Body Kindness

Our bodies are like infants. And, our mind/spirit/soul is responsible for the care of our body-infants. How can we expect to achieve our dreams, our goals, if we are mistreating, even abusing, our bodies?

If an infant was crying because it was hungry, would you tell it you’re not going to feed it because it is too fat?

If you only let the infant get 4 hours of sleep would it be any wonder that it would be cranky all day and just want to sleep?

If a toddler was just learning to walk, would you take it out for a 3 mile run?

If an infant needed a particular supplement or medication to be healthy, would you deny it that to it?

If you wouldn’t do those things to an infant, why are you doing them to your body?

Want Something Different?

If this resonates you, I want to invite you to join the wait list for my new 21-day Reset program launching in June, 2019. We’ll be working on developing a kinder, loving relationships with our bodies as well as getting guidance on how to eat that fuels them and helps them be healthy.

Three of the things you will get are:

  • Short, weekly video lessons (because I know you’re busy),
  • Facebook group where you’ll get guided expert support from me, as well as cheer leading and peer support
  • Three weekly office hours where you can ask me anything (these will be recorded and posted in the group if you can’t make it live)

This program will include simple steps that will start you on the path of having loving, kind relationship with your body. A deep partnership. A deep understanding.

Areas we will focus on are:

  1. Your relationship with your body – Understanding your current relationship with your body and what kind of relationship you’d like to have with it
  2. Body kindness – what it is and how we can develop it
  3. Movement – figuring out what kind of movement nourishes your soul, and your body
  4. Eating – what kind of food nourishes your body and helps you feel your best
  5. Sleep – getting more, better sleep along with a couple of my sleep quick fixes
  6. Stress – hacks for dealing with and reducing it
  7. Digestion – tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting the best food for your body and getting the nutrition out of that food

When you sign up for the wait list, you’ll be one of the first to be notified when registration opens in June, 2019. If you’re wanting to develop a relationship of love and kindness with your body, as well as improve your sleep, stress, and digestion this program is for you.

As a bonus for those who join the wait list, and then register for the program as a Founding Member, I’ll be offering a complimentary 30-minute one-on-one session.

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